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Hail the Hatter started when Jonathan Boos and Dax Cartar got together to discuss what they were missing in modern rock. Realising they both had a love for theatrics, wild guitar leads, and the general sense of fun that seemed to be missing from most of modern rock, they decided to form a band.

Quickly adding Nicholai Assam on Drums, and Devin Harry Paul on Bass, Hail the Hatter was formed.

Quickly five songs were written and the band began discussing heading into the studio. Unfortunately life happens, and Devin was forced to leave the band due to personal reasons.

Soon after Aaron Lowchewtung joined on Bass, and the band as it stands today was formed.

After adding one more song to their repetoire, the band headed into Random Design Studios to record their current EP "Discovering Light".

Produced by Maarten Manmohan, and Nicholas Marsan. The album holds all the qualities we as Rock & Roll fans hold dear, merged with a modern sound!

We hope you enjoy!

All artwork and backing vocals provided by Nicholas Marsan.

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